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  Other Activites

Please call (951)275-9975 for class times and availability.

Bingo – we have Bingo games every Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 10:00 a.m. The cost is $1 per card. Winners can choose from a various collection of food items, gift items and other necessities. On Thursday, anyone that plays bingo also receives a bag of food items. Each week the bag is different.

Eddie’s Closet – we have our own thrift store called Eddie’s Closet. Eddie’s Closet is run by the Eddie Dee Smith Senior Center Advisory Board. The prices are very reasonable and negotiable. There are items such as clothing, household goods, appliances and sometimes there is even furniture. All proceeds from Eddie’s Closet provide funds for special projects here at the senior center. Eddie’s Closet is open every Thursday morning  at 10:00 am - 12 pm. New items arrive all the time.

Bible Study – every Friday a group meets for an informal Bible Study. This is a non-denominational Bible Study led by a volunteer. Class is free and meets at 10:00.

Bread Class – this group meets two Mondays per month. Most supplies are provided but you need to call the senior center for any special items necessary. All bread makers can take their creation home. The class is taught by a volunteer and many yummy items have been baked.

Bunco – this group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday at 12:30. The cost is $3 to cover the cost of prizes. This is a fun group and you will meet new friends. Snacks are donated by the bunco group.

Potluck – each month we have a potluck dinner at 4:30 on a scheduled Friday afternoon. Each person brings a dish to feed approximately 10 people. If you do not want to cook, you can pay $3 and enjoy someone else’s food. Usually there is a theme each month so call the senior center for information and date.

Movie Night – each month we have a movie night starting at 3:00 in the afternoon. There is no cost to attend the movie night and popcorn is provided. Call the senior center for information and date.

Pedicures and Manicures – we have a manicurist scheduled to come to the senior center each month. The cost is $15 for a pedicure, $10 for a manicure or $22 for both. Making an appointment is suggested but walk-ins may get service. Call the senior center for dates and availability.

Lunch with Lynne – each month Lynne chooses a local restaurant to visit for lunch. Participants can drive themselves and meet at the restaurant, or take our senior center van which leaves at approximately 11:00. Each participant is responsible for their own lunch but we have a fun time visiting and sharing the dining experience of a new restaurant each month.

Haircuts – a licensed beautician comes to our senior center each month to provide hair cuts for men and women. The charge is $7 - $8 per person. Call the senior center for dates and available appointment times. Appointments are not necessary but suggested.

Shopping Trips – each Friday at 9:00 our senior center van will take participants to our local grocery store and a department store. There is no charge for the transportation. To find out which department store is being visited, call the senior center. Trips are subject to change and cancellation occasionally.

Pool Tables – pool tables are available for use during operating hours.

Shuffle Board – a championship shuffle board is available for use during operating hours.

Television – we have a large screen television to show old movies and TV shows.

Library – we have an extensive library of donated books. Any senior can come and borrow some books to read, return them, and then borrow some more.

Exercise Gym – we have a small gym with a few pieces of equipment to use for a good workout. Gym hours are by request during the normal operating hours.

Coffee/Donuts – each morning we provide coffee, and donuts/pastries donated from local businesses. Coffee is 25 cents per cup but not required to participate.

Massage Therapy – Call for information.

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