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The following services are available at the Eddie Dee Smith Senior Center.  Please call (951)275-9975 for class times and availability.  See more classes available by clicking on the highligted category title.

  Creative Arts 

Jewelry Class – meets every Monday morning at 9:00. This is an informal class taught by one of our volunteers. The class is free and many of the supplies are provided at no cost. There may be a small fee for additional materials.


Tai Chi - this class meets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and is provided by the Riverside Community College (RCC) Young At Heart Program. The class is free. You must register each semester and can do that through the RCC office or the office at the Eddie Dee Smith Senior Center. .



Conversational English/Spanish Class – this class is taught by one of our volunteers. Each class is taught by worksheets and is free. Those that want to learn Spanish can also attend and learn the reverse of the English learners. There is a lot of sharing in this class and the goal is to have attendees have an understanding of English and Spanish conversation.

  Other Activities

Bingo – we have Bingo games every Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 10:00 a.m. The cost is fifty cents per card.  Winners can choose from a various collection of food items, gift items and other necessities. On Thursday, anyone that plays bingo also receives a bag of food items. Each week the bag is different.


Food Distributions

Food Share - the first Wednesday of each month there is a food distribution provided by Second Harvest Food Bank. The food distribution begins at approximately 9:00 am - 11:00 am. You must bring ID and proof of income the first time you attend. If you miss three consecutive distributions, you will need to register again.


Special Events

Candlelight Dinners – several times a year we have a candlelight dinner. These dinners are usually provided by community groups or businesses. There is usually a small fee for the dinner and usually there is entertainment and prizes.

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